Testogen Pills Results

In this article, I’m going to highlight some results that people have achieved after taking Testogen pills for a month.

 First week on Testogen

No noticeable change in physical energy. Some people reported slightly better mental functioning. This is normal with any hormone pills.  One should remember that hormone pills are a lot different than muscle building supplements. Testosterone pills alter the internal physiology of body, so it naturally takes a bit of time before any substantial results are seen.

Second week

Noticeable difference in recovery times from workout. People in general felt less tired from workouts. This can be attributed to hormonal changes in body now taking effect. Increased testosterone reduces fatigue & tiredness. People also noticed a change in mental alertness.

Third week

Definite improvement in muscle size and stamina. People reported an increase in training duration & sessions. Testosterone helps in increasing muscle size and gives definition to them. Many people said they slept less hours than usual. This is because your body now requires less time recuperate during sleep. There is also a definite improvement in sexual functioning.

Fourth week

Visible improvement in muscle tone & size. Decrease in abdominal fat. Enhance mental health. Significant improvement in libido.

Based on the results above, it’s safe to say that testosterone pills have a gradual but definite effect on improving overall well-being.

Since it is made from natural ingredients, Testogen rarely poses any serious side effect to your body. From the results, it can be observed that these Testosterone pills do have effect on physical, sexual as well as mental health.

It’s important to note regular protein & vitamin supplements are essential to complement your workout and gain muscles. But if your body lacks the most important catalyst in the process, i.e. – Testosterone, then you are wasting your efforts. Think of Testosterone as the director of a movie, will the movie be released without a director? Doesn’t matter if the movie has a stellar cast and supporting staff.

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