Possible Side Effects of Testogen

All ingredients in Testogen are natural, so side effects are quite rare. There might be some allergic reactions as described below.

Testogen is an all-natural testosterone booster, so the usual side effects associated with other alternative like steroids are absent. Another unique thing about Testogen is that it also eliminates the dreadful effects from hormone replacement injections. There is lot of information online about the potential side effects arising from hormone replacement treatments.

Testogen on the other hand is perfectly safe as testified by many people who haven’t experienced any side effects so far.

However, I would like to cover some possible side effects that may arise in few cases. These are mainly allergic reactions rather than any serious ill effects.

Level of Zinc

The levels of Zinc used in Testogen is quite high. Now this is a good thing in most cases as Zinc is considered wonder mineral and is responsible for overall good health. But, some people may experience nausea or headache in initial days. This is temporary as in some cases, the body needs time to adjust to the transformation. You must remember that this is a body transformation pill, so it’s going to take some time for your body to get used to it.

Ginseng allergy

Another possible side effect that may happen is due to Ginseng. In 98% cases, people don’t have any allergic reaction to Ginseng as it’s very uncommon. But in some cases, Ginseng may cause breathing difficulty, throat pain and other usual allergic symptoms. You can always check beforehand, if you have any allergy to Ginseng, this can be done at your local pathology or physician.

Important: These are exceptional cases that may happen in a small percentage of users, so it doesn’t apply to the majority.

Another important point I would like to touch upon is about the temporary nature of testosterone boosters. This is not exactly a side effect but a sort of a disclaimer. The level of testosterone will remain normal as long as you continue taking Testogen. The moment you stop, the testosterone level will fall back to the level it was before you started the Testogen intake. Your muscle gain will not be lost but your body will be in the same state as it was prior to Testogen. So, you will have to commit to it long term or till the time for which you need the results. This is true for any kind of hormone replacement treatment whether it’s in the form of pills or injections.
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